Thursday, December 01, 2005


Listening to Peter Pan - Tak Bisakah.

Its. freezing. cold. It snowed two days ago, and it wasn't even the middle of winter yet. I hate the cold. £%$&*^%.

Anyway, tag replies.

Adhilles - Hehe yeah, i was kinda in a hurry. But i think i've fixed the bits that needed tooling. Thanks for the info my man =)

Phoenixlancer - Haha noo laaa, only if you were driving a 3 ton truck would your tires go into the sand. It was my first day back in Brunei during last summer, i had to go to the beach =)

Fina - Heh, why not. I'll be around =)

kh85 - Ehh bah sila sila, buat macam rumah sendiri saja hehe. Oits K apa ada, ada ku melink ko tu nanti eh? Cana bos? Haha =p

Check out these pics.

Sa-noooo =p (trying a Lish-ism here =P)

Look at all that snowy stuff coming down. Good thing it didn't settle, 'cause if it did then i'd have to get me a shovel. 'The Day After Tommorow' scenario, anyone?

Hehe. I could actually hear UK readers going 'gasp!'.

Well, what have i been up to? Nothing much really, been busy with my multiple-essay-deadlines. Thank God that i only have three more essays to write and trust me, three is a paltry number compared to all the other crap that i've been wading through.

Third year's a biatch.

Tommorow the wife's jetting off to Dubai for a weekend, and i'm green with envy. Warmth, beaches, waving palm trees, cheap stuff, not a hint of frozen water coming down for miles around, my Missy, what more would i need? Damned stupid expensive plane tickets. $%£&%$.

Well, at least i have some fun things to do this weekend, rather than just slogging my way through work-related crap. On the Saturday me and assorted UK people are renting a coach to go to Cheshire Oaks, this shopping outlet where they say stuff is dirt cheap (well, as cheap as you can get stuff in the UK). Since i have a huge problem trying to keep my hands away from my wallet when going to these sorts of places, i don't know whether this is a blessing or a curse heh heh. I do think i haven't got that much spending power at the moment, so i think i'm just going to... try... not spending too much.

On the Sunday, BruManch is going to Nottingham, in response to a challenge issued by BruNotts to have an 11-a-side football match. It has been quite a while (well, last summer actually, so it wasn't quite a while. It just FEELS that way =p) since i've played 11-a-side, so i'm looking forward to it.

However, i'm not going to issue any predictions, gripes or anything to the sort prior to the match (though i do have them, of course), we'll just see what happens during the match. But i WILL say this though:

'It doesn't look like a 'BruManch vs. BruNotts' game, more like a 'BruManch vs. The Rest of UK' game.'

Anyone who's familiar with football would get what i mean. But then, as me and my brothers like to say, 'bula atu bulat' ('the ball is round').

Anything can happen, and anything probably WILL happen.

I'll post up the results after the match.

Seven, out.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

A little something something...

And all you see is heartbreak,
wherever it is you turn,
and all you see is heartbreak,
when will you wake up & learn.
And all you feel is sorrow,
perhaps its all about you.
And all you see is heartbreak,
what's wrong is that it's you.

And all you see is heartbreak,
crying your way thru the night.
And all you see is heartbreak,
wishing with all your might.
And all you see are disappointments,
those who've let you down.
And all you see is heartbreak,
your selfishness going around.

And all you see is heartbreak,
with this one and another,
and all you see is heartbreak,
its not them, its whoever.
And all you see is bitterness,
they all don't understand.
And all you see is heartbreak,
you don't see past your demands.

And all you see is heartbreak,
when will you wake up and see,
that all of your heartbreaks,
Is all the faults of the she.
When you see past your heartbreaks,
you will understand.
That the source of your heartbreaks,
is no fault of the man.

Just a little something i came up with.

Seven, out.

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Monday, October 31, 2005

And They Say...

Listening to King - Maybe.

'Maybe its wrong to say you love me too,
cause i know you'll never do.
Somebody else is waiting there inside for you.

Maybe its wrong to love you more each day,
cause i know he's here to stay.
But i know to whom, you should belong.'

Sad stuff, really. I remember those times.

Tag replies:

baby : Haha. Methinks that you probably WILL get distracted. I know i would, but that's just me =p

CrAdLe : Haha what up boss. Nothing much sini, but we miss your presence =)

phoenixlancer : PL, we ARE old. Our inner child just refuses to let us believe that. =p

Zephyr : Ah, understood. Well, there's always next time =) And i'll wait for your webbie to get fixed up, aights? =)

atul5353 - Sorry, sorry. Been busy =P Well here i am =)

Ramadhan away from home always gets me down. Its family time, or have i said that before?

*checks past posts*

Yep, i have.

Final year sucks big time. I have 20,000 words worth of essays to do just this semester alone. And people are expecting me to my Masters straight away?

I don't think so. At least, not right now. Maybe some other time, or not.

Somehow, this year is zipping by quite quickly. Maybe its the workload, maybe its the final year, maybe nothing. If it could go any faster, i'll pump the speed up to the limit.

Who knows how to put songs on a blog? I've been surfing around, but i haven't found one yet. Hit me back if anyone knows.

In Seria, there's this 24 hour food place called Zuki's. Man how i miss that place. I used to go there at all hours to get me a bite of their Kolo Mee, which is divine, to say the least. Funny how you think about the things you can't get, and how you yearn for it even though you know you can't possibly get it.

Which brings me to a point.

I know of someone (let's just say a friend, i'll call him/her Pushy) who's a bit unlucky when it comes to the opposite sex. S/he isn't a bad looker, but the trouble is Pushy goes for people who're either totally out of his/her league, or the type of women/men who're relatively 'easy'. Or to put a none too fine a point on it, potential cheaters.

Trouble is, i doubt whether Pushy even knows what it is s/he's looking for. What i've been able to garner from his/her previous choices, looks and hotness are the only factor that Pushy will consider. Which leads him/her into trouble, as Pushy's not really that much of a catch for the opposite sex, at least in my opinion.

Let's just say there are certain points of his/her personality that rankles quite a bit.

Believe me, i'm not alone when i say this, i've shared my observations with a few of our mutual friends, and they ALL agree with me. Which doesn't say much for Pushy. S/he's just a bit too much to handle. Plus, s/he can get a bit too pushy, which is never a good thing.

Why do you think i nicknamed him/her 'Pushy'?

Currently, Pushy has his/her eyes set on a fine species of the opposite sex. I'll call the target Peace. The thing is, Peace has just got out of a very bad episode, and is currently looking for peace (now you get it) in order to set things straight instead of going on the rebound. I don't know about you people, but i believe that at least this person's wish for peace should be respected, and potential suitors should just back up and give some space to breathe.

But guess what this friend of mine does. Exactly.

Now, to be fair, Peace hasn't voiced out his/her wishes to be left alone. But then again, the methods used by Pushy to gain affection doesn't really endear him/her to Peace, in fact it downright freaks Peace out. When Peace told me of the things that Pushy is doing, i myself very nearly went into fits.

Let's just say they're really wrong, in poor taste and very sad.

Granted, Peace should have told Pushy to back off, and i said as much to Peace. But Peace is a good person, and doesn't have the heart to smacketh the hammer down on Pushy's ass. I guess Peace's afraid that Pushy might go into suicide mode. I don't have that concern, but Peace has qualms about that sort of thing.

Now i think everything's settled, and Peace is looking towards the horizon, i.e. trying his/her best to move forward and leave his/her troubles behind. Pushy on the other hand has gone into moody mode. You know, the leave-me-alone-i'm-being-angsty attitude. But Pushy'll snap out of it, at least i hope so. S/he's not going to go anywhere with Peace, Peace assured me of this. True to my speculations, Peace doesn't look at Pushy quite in the same light as Pushy does at Peace.

Now, let me ask you something. Was Pushy in the wrong for going after Peace in Peace's time of mourning, or was Peace wrong for not laying down the groundworks for refusal firmly enough? Or at least in absolute terms so that a person like Pushy might understand?

Well, i believe in the former myself. Come on, anyone with half a brain can figure out how much sorrow Peace is in. Leave the poor guy/girl alone for a while godammit, s/he at least deserves a moment to figure things out. There is justification for moral support, but in the form of another relationship? Plus going at it in a decidedly very unproper manner?

Tacky, very tacky.

If Pushy just took a step back and look at things from a more clearer view, instead of going after the goal with all the thinking power of a single brain cell, s/he'll realise that now's NOT A GOOD TIME. It's a good thing that Peace is quite the pacifist, i could think of so many reasons to bite Pushy's head off. In addition to that, what Pushy doesn't realise is that Peace, to use a British term of phrase, doesn't fancy him/her.

I don't know if you people out there understand a word that i'm writing here. But take my word for it, this situation was really bad. It's a good thing nothing became out of it. 'Cause seriously, Pushy was headed for a lot of trouble.

So, going back to what i said previously, why do we covet the things that we cannot have?

Let me rephrase that.

Why do we covet the things that we know, deep down inside though we try our hardest to ignore it, we cannot have?

Is it an inherent human trait? Do we love to beat ourselves over the head with the unattainable that we can't slow down for a second and spare ourselves the pain? Or can it be interpreted using the quintissential human emotion, hope?

Maybe that's how we got to where we are today, in dreaming of things impossible we are able to strive towards the stars. But that's a wholely different cup of tea. I'm talking about basic human communication and questions of relationships.

Are we creatures of sense, or does the heart truly rule the head?

Maybe, just maybe...

We're just pushy.

Seven, out.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lost : 1 Identity.

Listening to Coldplay - Fix You.

Anyone heard this song yet? One of the saddest songs i've ever heard. Seven stars recommendation, go out and buy the CD.

Hey everyone, i think everything's settled down a bit for me to have some time and write a post up. But before that, tag replies.

Huntress - Yeah, i really hope so. I don't feel like doing a Masters, at least not straight away. But then i've had enough of the UK, so maybe i'll just haul ass after i get my degree. Good luck to you too =)

Baby - Yeah yeah i'm back =p i'm doing good here, but i'm missing your sister =p i'm sorry i didn't send you off, but you know where i was. Good luck to you too over there, do some good for your A's okay? =)

atul5353 - Haha. Have fun reading =)

Zephyr - Wei, whatever happened to you after the 'pengilan'? You just dropped off the face of the earth.

PhoenixLancer - Have to agree with you. I shudder to think of the influence that she holds over the heads of the impressionable female teenagers all around the world. A platoon of Paris? I'd rather shoot myself.

Well, what have i been doing as of late? Well, aside from hauling ass to the Uni every single day, I'm now the official photographer for the Bruneian Society in Manchester, or BruManch for short. That means i run around on my two little feet, trying to capture moments from the infantile years of this society. It is the pilot year, we're all still new at this. Hopefully everything'll run as smooth as silk.

Another year at Uni, new things to do, more lectures to slog through, coursework aplenty, things are just dandy.

Sarcasm, sarcasm.

I guess i only have one more year of this, so i'll count my blessings and shut up about Uni.

What else have i've been doing? Nothing much. Everything's the same as its always been, Manchester's rainy, emotions running high among the Bruneians here (a lot of crap has been going on as of late), and i'm still here, sitting down and watching people go by with their lives, trying to juggle an endlessly changing pattern of existence while keeping their sanity at the same time.

I always said that you've got to learn to laugh at yourself, or you'll end up crying for the rest of your lives.

One thing of note that i think i'll share here is this : Why is it that the general population tends to think that the higher you go in your education, the better you are(as a person)? In my way of thinking, education is a means to the end, not the means itself. Yes, some people say that the better educated you are, the more knowledgable and better equipped you are in order to get through life.

But come on, how many people do you know who really sticks to that saying? How many people turned out to become complete asses when they finished their degree, Masters or whatever, particularly those with overseas qualifications?

A whole lot of them, i would say.

I myself don't believe in that hyper-elitist crap. The smartest people i know, those with the best outlook on life, those who're living their lives with joy are those back home, supposedly ''languishing'' in vocational education institutes, or other avenues of education.

Education is a part of life, that i do believe. But what i heartily disagree with is the idea that the only 'real' type of education is that which comes from textbooks. Whatever happened to real-life education? The knowledge you acquire from actually going out into the world and experiencing life for yourselves?

Life has always been multi-faceted, there's always different ways, a multitude of directions you can take in order to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Our lives now are overburdened with advancements, that we're forgetting that which we've already learned for ourselves and passed down the generations.

Who knows what cures for diseases we've forgotten which our granny told us one idle day in the sun, while we were too busy texting on the phone with a friend, talking about inane subjects? The roots and shoots of plants that has medicinal qualities and benefits, that your Grandpapa pointed out to you, when you were too busy wiping your forehead of sweat and moaning about how tiring this walk through the woods is?

You'll say ''Oh come on Seven, nobody does that anymore.''

That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly my point.

In my most humble opinion, i think we're forgetting ourselves. We've forgotten how it is to live, to experience life's miracles without resorting to the wonders of electronica. Children nowadays have no idea of the games that WE (those in my age range and before) used to play, when money was not really needed, when we could find or make our own entertainments. Their parents never bothered to teach them these invaluable skills, rather enveloping them in a cocoon of wealth, mainstream education and high-end technology.

I find it sad to say that this phenomenon of loss of cultural identity doesn't confine itself to children alone. I've met quite a few people in my own age range who often have no idea what i'm talking about when i'm reminiscing about the games of old.

Ask the closest 10-12 year old to you, do they know how to fish? Not using rods and reels, but using a hugeass net which extends seawards for hundreds of metres, with only yourself and another dragging it along. Do they know how to make a kite? Where to find the proper type of bamboo to make one? How to battle in the skies with another kite? Have they ever experienced the pleasures of chasing after a downed kite, running alongside your friends with blantant disregard for your own body, but with exhilaration in your hearts?

Ask them, do they know how to play 'congkak'? 'Main pulis'? 'Kaki tiga'? 'Main carah'?

Any of those terms familiar to you guys? Hopefully so.

The children are the first sign that a people has forgotten their roots. They've forgotten those age-old lessons that has sustained generations upon generations of Bruneians. Education is an excuse to forget ways that are just simply too hard to do. As a consequence, we've fallen back on a standard practice of 'advancement', in order to 'catch up with the rest of the world'.

But at what cost to our souls?

Now its all about the bling. All about the Benz. All about the money you're pilling up in your big, fat bank accounts.

How do you get all this? Diploma-style education.

Change is irrevocable. We can't turn back the clock, we can't change what's been done. The old ways are gradually being forgotten for modern, efficient and emotionless thinking. You don't have a degree, you can't work here. No qualification, no job. Money buys happiness baby, get on the wagon and just ride along.

Me, i don't care what you have on your CV. As far as i'm concerned, your formal education has nothing to do with yourself as a whole, it only constitutes a small part of who you really are. I won't judge you by how much you know about a particular subject, or how high your IQ is, or how well you can speak a foreign language.

If you can fly a kite, then you're halfway there. 'Cause you'd know the value of freedom.

Seven, out.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tired and Retarded.

Listening to Peter Pan - Di Belakangku.

First off, tag replies.

atul5353 - Well, i'm back in the UK. I haven't got my Internet connection up and running though, so i guess regular updates is still not possible at the moment =p ah well, patience.

lorong chow kit - You're the *****. Grow a pair and say something right to my face, why doncha. A-hole.

Well, i'm in a very bad mood. I have since returned to Manchester for another year of arranged anarchy. I don't feel like doing anything constructive. But i do feel like writing.

What should i write about? Hmm, tough question. Should i tell you about the 18 odd hours of flight, with bawling children and brawling adults hounding me all throughout the airtime? Or the mess i got into in sorting out my connecting flight details, where the relevant officials screwed up royally, but refused to take any sort of responsibility? Or the sordid details of a friend's relationship, or the times of fun and of trouble during my summer holidays?


I think i'll just write something meaningfully meaningless.

One day during last summer, i went to watch a movie with a couple of my friends, in a prominent movie-watching establishment (no, not THAT one). As we were waiting to get in, my friends met a couple of their 'friends', to use the term rather loosely. One was this girl whom had a serious case of the 'Paris Hilton' syndrome, or as we like to call it, PHS. Simply put, PHS is the tendency of a female human to adopt 'Paris Hilton-like' mannerisms in her daily speech. Phrases like 'he's hawt', 'ohmygawdohmygawdohmygawd' and other similar forms constitute over 98% of her entire linguistic capability (and believe me, we counted).

Now, its really not that big a deal. I don't care even if she walks around town wearing nothing but two handkerchiefs and a prayer (but that would not be a pretty sight, believe me). Thing is, i wonder. Why the strong influence? What does adapting an alien (and mostly incomprehensible) speech style add to your sense of self-awareness? Does it involve prestige? The all-important rep?

Ah well.

Seven, out.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fun in the Sun

Listening to some obscure Chinese song.

Dang, i forgot to mention something. I wouldn't be posting so much when i'm back home in Bru-Land. Ya see, i don't have an Internet connection at home (except for the very lame 33.6 KB connection which i simply REFUSE to use) so if i want to go online, i'd have to go to KB town. Needless to say, i'd rather sleep.

Lame excuses aside, hello everyone. Sorry for my extended leave, i've been too busy relaxing, slacking off and crashing things since i got back. Too busy to even update my blog it seems. Well i don't care, i'm having too much of a good time. Cruising with the B.I.As, chilling with my Missy and Co. (namely her sis Ninety-7 plus significant other) spending time with the family, its all good. Its everything i've been craving ever since January.

Its currently the Perayaan celebrations, celebrating His Highness The Sultan's birthday on the 15th of July. I haven't been going to a lot of the stalls, i've got my nose stuck in CS again. For the less knowledgable, CS means 'Counter-Strike', that online FPS (First Person Shooter) game that had every male and some females in Bru-land hooked. I'm pouring a lot of money into this game, what with buying of CDs, PC equipment and gametime. I better be good, and soon too i might add.

Missy's doing great by the way, if any of y'all are wondering. I'm with her a lot of the time (i have other commitments, else 100% my time = hers) and making her happy is my number 1 priority =D

My family's as good as ever, so too are the cats. Though i do have a 5 cm long scratch on my hand. Let's not bring THAT particular topic up.

The B.I.As? In one form or the other, they're always there. That is always a given, 24/7. Hey, that rhymes.

Okay, let me reply to the various tag replies before i leave this joint.

Zephyr - I can see it just fine, don't worry. And it was nice seeing u in KB the other day =)

atul5353 - Updated, and thanks for the welcome =) and i'll update my links when i get back to the UK, aights? =)

phoenixlancer - I know, i was knocking that tune about in my head when it suddenly turned into that. Catchy, eh? =D

SZmin - Welcome to the blogging world, dude. Don't forget your gloves, and i'll link ya later =)

As for everyone else's pages and blogs which i haven't visited in quite a while, don't worry, i haven't forgotten you guys. I'll be around as soon as i have the time, okay? =)

Have a good time everyone.

Seven, out.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Remember the tune?

Today's my flight to London, and tommorow's my flight to Brunei =D

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

I'm coming home,

i'm coming home,

i'm coming,

SeVen's coming home.

See you back home everyone, i'm outta here.

Well, for a while, that is. I'll be back.

SevenStars, out.

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